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How the Rural Employee of the Year Award could help your business

We talk a lot about how winning an award will benefit your business. From the recognition, the PR, and the media exposure, to the networking opportunities, to using the entry process as a strategic tool to evaluate your business, there are so many reasons to enter! 

It’s quite obvious to see how winning a Best Rural Food Business would increase the turnover of a food producer, or how Best Rural Start-Up would benefit a fledgling business. However, the benefits of entering the Rural Employee of the year award are slightly less direct. Those benefits can be split into two categories: benefits for the employer and benefits for the employee.

Benefits for the Employer:

Many of the reasons for entering this category are the same as any other. You will still benefit from all the publicity that goes along with winning an award. If anything, the human-interest angle of this category may mean that it’s winners, and the businesses they work for, receive more media coverage than any other!

It’s also a wonderful opportunity to say thank you to a member of your team who has gone above-and-beyond the call of duty. Your employees are the reason for your success, and by nominating them for this award, you are showing them that you recognize and appreciate all the hard work they put in. Even if they don’t make it to the final, just by nominating them you are showing them how important they are.

This recognition, in turn, will boost the motivation of your team as a whole. You could even take the whole team along to the awards ceremony. A more motivated team, excited to come into work each day, will definitely lead to a more successful business!

By entering this award, you will also raise your profile as an employer. This will increase your ability to attract new talent and improve your employee-retention rate.

Benefits for the Employee:

So, what are the benefits for the employee? Well, other than the incredibly stylish RBA Perspex trophy, which will add a special touch to any desk, shelf, or downstairs loo in the land, the most important perk is the glory! You will be recognized as one of the best rural employees in the whole of Britain. You can have a true sense of pride in your achievements, now that you know how much your employer, and the rest of the country, appreciates what you do. 

You will be featured in regional and national newspapers, and across other media too. Seeing your face in print might seem a bit surreal, but it’s a very exciting result of winning a rural business award! Even after the buzz has died down, the articles will probably be decorating your nan’s fridge for a long time to come!

If you are shortlisted, you’ll get to attend our swanky regional finals for a luxurious 3-course dinner and there (fingers crossed!) you’ll receive your award. Last year’s final was a brilliant night, and the 2018 awards ceremonies are sure to be even better!

Winning an award like this is also going to look amazing on your CV. It will really show potential employers how great you are at what you do. This means that if you ever do decide to move jobs, you’ll be snapped up like the fantastic candidate you are!

Another reason to enter the Rural Employee of the Year award is that for a short time only, it’s free! It is still possible to edit your entry right up until the final deadline of 31st May! The discount code is EMPLOYEE2018. 

To give someone you know the chance of winning the Rural Employee of the Year Award, click here!

If you’d like more information on entering, click here, or get in touch with us via or 01163800525.

The Rural Employee of the Year Award is brand new for the 2018/19 awards year! We created this category because we really want to celebrate the amazing work of rural workers and bring all their fascinating stories to light. To read more about why we want to show our gratitude to rural employees, click here.