How the pandemic pushed one entrepreneur to transform their business

  • 04 May 2021

The trials of 2020 proved to be a transformational experience for Lorraine Stamp. “When lockdown hit in March last year my first reaction was ‘Well, that’s it, my business will close’,” she recalls. 

Lorraine’s business was a face-to-face coaching and training consultancy. After a three-hour walk, she returned refreshed and ready to go again. “I knew what the problem was, I just needed a solution,” she says. 

She started off by embarking on a 40-day course around creating transformations online, which helped give her the confidence to host sessions over the internet. 
She also realised the potential to switch focus away from business training and towards helping people with their personal development. She took a number of qualifications in this area, including becoming a mindfulness coach and taking a neuroscience professional diploma. 


“I now work mostly with people wanting to work on emotional and mental wellbeing, including confidence and impostor syndrome, and I’ve also had a lot of interest in mindfulness,” she adds. “The other enquiries have been from people wanting to change their career totally. Many have been made redundant or realised they have more potential and have set up their own business.”

She has words of advice for others who may be struggling. “I know that I cannot be in business and do everything myself,” she says. “I have dropped the perfectionist in me too, as it held me back in the past. Life and business will always be full of ups and downs,” she adds. “It is down to you whether you see a crisis or an opportunity.”

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