How safe and secure is your business, really?

  • 16 Jan 2019

New Year is upon us and messages about ‘starting afresh’ and ‘making this year different’ are everywhere. But what no-one mentions is: you have to start by assessing what you already have.

Here at ADT we know just how hard it is to build a business from the ground up and how devastating it is when you can’t protect it. That’s why we’ve built our reputation helping to protect thousands of businesses throughout the UK and Ireland.


So instead of ‘New Year, new me’ here’s a few ways you can check just how safe and secure your business already is, then use that know-how to decide on any all-important changes:

Test your alarm system

If you don’t have a monitored alarm system that is already checked by your security provider, you’ll need to ensure that you organise regular service and maintenance checks from a fully accredited company. This also goes for CCTV and Access Control systems, to ensure they all remain in good working order. Faulty security equipment can often void your insurance meaning that if the worst happens, not only would your system  not work when you needed it most but you wouldn’t be covered financially either. 

All ADT systems are fully supported with unrivalled 24/7 support and technical help from highly trained and trusted security experts. In-depth system tests and checks give businesses the peace of mind that their systems are continuously functioning as they should. 

Talk to your staff

Your staff are on-site taking care of your business every day, but have you ever asked them if they feel safe at work? They’re the best people to notice faulty locks, broken systems or lack of security in certain areas. A round table may be a good idea to air any worries and get them sorted.


Assess your locks

Speaking of locks, when’s the last time you did a full check? Every door and window should be fully secure when you leave your premises on an evening. From chain locks to bars, it’s good to do a walk around and identify any weak spots or faulty locks. Also you should keep track of who has keys/keyfobs and, if there are any spare, where they are, ensure any ex-employees have returned any they may have had. Changes in staff will result in possible changes to your listed keyholders, if you have not updated your keyholder list with your alarm system provider it’s a good idea to check that list is still correct. 

Get a security audit 

From personnel and software to managing breaches, there are plenty of other ways to make sure your business is as safe and secure as it can be. If you want to be thorough it’s best to seek professional guidance and advice from a security company. At ADT we have been offering free security audits to businesses for decades, we look at the environment as a whole, suitability of the current systems in place, latest technology available as well as any changes (or upcoming changes) to the premises e.g. has a staff room been repurposed as a stock room? It’s a great way to ensure as your business grows and evolves it remains protected as you would expect. 

Trust ADT

An ADT Security System is a great deterrent, we tailor every solution to the size and nature of your business, so you always get the protection that’s right for your business needs. 


Security and peace of mind have been our sole purpose for more than 100 years, every ADT alarm is monitored 24/7 by highly trained security experts with the fastest response time in the UK.* 

Kick start 2019 and book a FREE, no obligation security audit here

*Source- In accordance with industry regulations, ADT will allow an alarm to activate for 120 seconds, in order to filter out false alarms. ADT will then respond in an average of 42 seconds of this confirmed activation being presented. Based on figures obtained for January 2017.


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