How ecommerce platforms can help you find the right supplier

  • 14 Mar 2022

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The supply chain is built on the trust of suppliers who fulfil your orders in a timely and reliable manner. Likewise, your customers rely on you to do the same.

Recent research from Euromonitor, commissioned by, shows the vital role of B2B ecommerce in helping businesses build resilience against pandemic-induced headwinds.

The Digital B2B Outlook report suggests B2B ecommerce platforms are fast becoming the go-to place for connecting buyers and sellers, enabling them to expand and scale their business.


Buyers say trading on B2B ecommerce platforms provides them with the assurance that the company is a known business, with implied reputability and financial solvency, and improves the chances that the products purchased from the seller will meet standard around quality, shipment delivery and customer service.

But building and leveraging supplier relationships can be challenging for businesses both big and small. has built up a vast network of suppliers and manufacturers from around the world, who offer products and services specifically catering to B2B buyers. This saves buyers precious time when it comes to finding exactly what they need, as well as making it simple to place orders and track shipments. Buyers can choose to order ready-to-ship products, which is as simple as adding items to a cart, entering your payment information and placing your order.’s month-long virtual trade event, March Expo (1st -31st March) is the perfect opportunity to experience the full benefits of online procurement. At a time of the year when many business buyers are making procurement decisions for the next 12 months, March Expo offers unrivalled access to new and trendy products that guarantee on-time delivery, quality suppliers who showcase their factories through thousands of live-streaming and VR showrooms, as well as numerous on-the-spot supplier discounts.

This year’s March Expo offers 10 million ready-to-ship items that have ‘Delivery by’ date service, as an enhanced level of certainty and reassurance for buyers. In total, there are 30 million products that have ‘Delivery by’ date service during this March Expo.

Alternatively, buyers can message suppliers directly to negotiate prices or customise products. The level of dedicated customer service and support from the team also helps build further trust between B2B buyers and sellers.


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