How can the UK’s small businesses get involved in Black Friday?

  • 30 Sep 2020

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Joining in the Black Friday buzz has become crucial for businesses everywhere but more often than not, it’s larger enterprises who benefit. But times are changing, and consumers are becoming increasingly more interested in shopping local and supporting small businesses. So, how can the small businesses of the U.K. get involved this November 29th?

Shopping local: How small businesses are taking over the UK

When you think about it, there’s nothing “small” about small businesses at all; the vast majority of businesses define themselves as either small or medium in size. Small businesses are instrumental to the economy, so why is it larger corporations who get all the attention on Black Friday and Cyber Monday?


But what if business owners want to get involved in both? Well, if you’re thinking about slashing your prices and waving the Black Friday banner, here’s everything you need to know about how you can get involved.

How can small businesses participate?

Black Friday has prompted more spending than Christmas for categories like electricals, beauty and toys. So if retailers aren’t taking advantage of this period, they’re not only missing out on some serious sales but also sending their customers in the direction of larger competitors.

It’s not all about flashy discounts. There are a few logistics to consider beforehand...

As the majority of shoppers will be visiting your store online, you need to make sure your website is up and running to perfection. Haven’t got one? No worries. If you haven’t got the time or the technical know-how to build a complicated website, look for simple solutions like SumUp Online Store Starter. Build a store in minutes and get your products out there.

Ensuring you’re digitally prepared is more important now than ever before. You may also want to take delivery methods into consideration or even think about selling vouchers and gift cards.

Now let’s talk about the in-store experience. There’s a chance that your shop will be busier, and while that’s great, you need to overcome the rush while upholding COVID-19 restrictions.


Think about using floor tape or creating barriers between you and customers with plastic screens. And, of course, place an obligatory hand sanitiser in the entrance to your shop. While small, these touches will make people feel secure when shopping.

Create a flow in your store by considering everything from the positioning of your products to the capabilities of your card reader. While it can be an afterthought, speedy payments are integral.

With the contactless payment limit rising to £45 from £30 it’s now easier than ever to stop relying on cash. Contactless payments can also be used to eliminate queues and reduce the amount of time people spend in your store.

Finally, one of the most important moves you can make is spreading the word on social media. Make your offer heard, tease the event, and be sure to get the message out there in the run-up to Black Friday. Many retailers have even had their sales go live for one or two weeks in the run-up to the final Thursday of each November.

If you’re a small business looking for more tips, tricks, or even an affordable, easy-to-use payment solution, visit


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