What's it like running a high-tech business in a remote corner of the UK?

  • 13 Jul 2016

The Isle of Skye is a place of legendary beauty. Located at the north of the Inner Hebrides, it’s got the Cuillin mountains, golden eagles, red deer and Atlantic salmon. But what’s it like to run a high-tech business from there?

Marc Smith (pictured with his wife Ailsa, right) runs the Cuillin Collective from Skye, having relocated from Edinburgh in 2011. The company makes animated videos, explaining products and services, for large companies. “It gets hard when the sun shines,” he says. “You just want to leave your desk and see the landscape.”

However, the practicalities work fine. Normal broadband is 0.5Mbps – pretty slow, so Marc uses a satellite connection at 20Mbps for £75 a month. “We got an early unlimited data contract, which is vital for a video company. Nowadays the max is 100GB, which we’d use up in a week.” 

Recently, he recruited Helen Lamond (pictured, left) and trained her as an animator. He hopes future employees will come from the local high school. 

“The work is the same as anywhere else,” says Marc. “Only when you finish you get to live in an amazing place.”


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