Here’s how your business can adapt to provide online services

  • 06 Nov 2020

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It’s not all about footfall anymore. With the world’s digital population constantly increasing, selling online can give small business owners access to a much larger customer base.

Given the recent temporary closure of many brick and mortar stores and restaurants, a number of businesses have creatively adapted their offerings to suit an online clientele so they can continue trading. Here’s why online services are so important…

Why is moving services online crucial during this period?

Many businesses rely on face to face customer contact to carry out their services or to present their products, so this current period of social distancing and constantly changing government restrictions has proved to be a real challenge to daily business.

Be it fitness instructors and gyms or makeup artists and beauty salons, these customer-facing companies are starting to shift their services to suit the online world to ultimately allow them to continue transacting.

Additionally, stores, restaurants and bars have of course also been seeing a drop in the number of customers coming through their doors. With the rules currently in place, many of these businesses are adapting to the challenge and offering virtual services instead.


How are businesses making their services online-friendly?

When it comes to moving your services online there’s plenty of scope for creativity and experimentation. Depending on the nature of your business, you can adapt your offerings into internet-friendly services.

Think video tutorials, gift cards, delivery services and adapting your offering. If the idea of building an online presence makes you feel like a fish out of water, don’t worry. There are simple tools you can turn to to make the transition seamless. With SumUp Online Store you can create and customise your store in just a few taps, avoid all hidden costs and choose from three tiers of online store packages to find your perfect fit.


At the start of lockdown, our team worked away behind the scenes to roll out a number of solutions created specifically with the small business owner in mind. You can now explore everything from gift card services to easy-to-use online store solutions on our website.

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