Here is one way to fund growth in uncertain times

  • 31 Mar 2017

Over the next two years the UK faces a period of political and economic uncertainty. But one thing that most businesses are bracing themselves for is the likelihood that energy, water and raw materials prices will rise.

Increased utility bills are often the first impact businesses feel from an unpredictable economic landscape - and can put a dent in the growth plans. Savvy business leaders are planning for this now, and taking the opportunity to make long-lasting energy savings.

Businesses as diverse as corner shops, retail outlets, hotels, financial services and sports clubs are adopting strategies to fund growth by becoming more efficient. For example, Goldenacre Mini Market in Edinburgh has cut almost £1,800 a year from its energy bill by installing double-glazed refrigeration cabinets and LED lighting.


Meanwhile the West Highland Hotel took out an unsecured loan from the Scottish Government to fund the purchase of a new biomass fuelled boiler, cutting nearly £20,000 in energy costs and allowing the hotel to remain open in the winter.

Most businesses understand the value of this approach, but many struggle to prioritise it. That is why Resource Efficient Scotland offers free advice, training, and access to funding to make it easy for businesses to unlock savings.

A quick way for businesses to get a head start is to use Resource Efficient Scotland’s online Savings Finder tool.  

Just answer a series of specially designed questions about your business to receive a detailed report highlighting the specific actions that your business can take to reduce your resource use and boost profits.  It will contain the low and no-cost improvements you can make now, plus links to further support and funding for your bigger savings opportunities. 


Find out how your business can start saving by calling the Resource Efficient Scotland helpline on 0808 808 2268 or by using the Savings Finder today.

About Resource Efficient Scotland

Resource Efficient Scotland is a programme from Zero Waste Scotland, funded by the Scottish Government and the European Regional Development Fund. 

• Free advice to identify ways to cut energy, water, and raw material use 
• Unsecured, interest free loans of up to £100,000 to fund high impact projects 
• Over £42 million savings already identified for Scottish organisations 
• 24% average energy saving per business
• 9/10 customers would recommend to others
0808 808 2268 | [email protected]

“I have already seen my electricity bills drop by 30% and am really happy with the results.” Mr Aleem Farooqi, Goldenachre Mini Market
“The loan has allowed us to extend the period that the hotel is open for, allowing our guests to experience a West Highland winter in luxury and comfort”. Mrs Sine Davis, West Highland Hotel.


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