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Help shape the future for the UK’s small businesses


By Mike Cherry OBE, FSB National Chairman

FSB members will soon be receiving an email or letter from ERS inviting them to take part in our online director elections. The voting period runs from Wednesday 6 March to Monday 8 April. I’m asking each member to please cast their vote for the candidate/s they would like to represent them in the offices of Operations Director and Non-operational Directors on the national UK board.

As the Chairman, I am proud to lead a board of volunteers that bring a wide variety of business experience as business owners.

As the UK’s biggest business membership group, we are recognised as the most influential and trusted business organisation and we value diversity and inclusion in everything we do. We are also a democratic organisation led by member volunteers. Democracy at both local and national level is very important to us and to that end, it’s really important that as many members as possible participate in these member director elections.

The online election system means that it’s simple and quick to vote and we’re using digital technology to make the process as easy possible.

Our volunteer directors, like all our members, run small businesses. This means that as an organisation, the members lead from the front, working closely with a strong team of staff.

There’s never been a more relevant time for us as small business owners and self-employed people to come together, act together and support each other. As we’re all aware, the UK is going through a period of uncertainty. The reassurance that - whatever happens next - “FSB has got your back”, means a lot to our members.

This year marks 45 years since FSB was founded; by a small group of self-employed people who first came together to lobby the Government for changes to the unfair National Insurance system for the self-employed. They succeeded.

Forty-five years on, and FSB is now the most powerful campaigning group on behalf of UK smaller businesses. Senior politicians, government ministers, the Bank of England and other key decision makers regularly listen to FSB to help shape their work and policies.

As well as this, we offer our members a range of benefits which can support and grow their businesses on a day-to-day basis; from business banking to a debt recovery service; from legal advice to cyber protection and medical and health advice, as well as hundreds of events each year.

Our mission is to help smaller businesses achieve their ambitions. We have volunteers from almost every industry and business sector in the UK and I look forward to welcoming more of our members to our vibrant, diverse and inclusive volunteer community as new board members.

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