Health and wellbeing: Boosting productivity and resilience in your business

  • 15 Jun 2020

In this webinar, led by ukactive and Sport England, we look at business owners’ and their employees physical health issues, and how health and wellbeing can boost the level of your firm’s productivity.

During the Coronavirus lockdown, anxiety, stress and depression have had an impact on thousands of business owners’ mental health. Some people have also found it far harder to exercise on a regular basis, impacting on their physical health too.

Recent research from Sport England shows 62% of adults currently consider exercise to be more important than ever and 65% of people believe exercise is helping with their mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We also know that improved physical and mental health, for both business owners and employees, can help boost a firm’s productivity levels. Our panellists will discuss what you can do to increase focus on health and wellbeing for yourself or for your employees in order to achieve a business benefit.

The webinar outlines why being active during the working day is more important than ever, provide practical tips and advice that you will be able to follow and ultimately demonstrate how physical exercise can help the financial performance of your business.

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