GDPR: Fines to be levied soon?

  • 21 Dec 2018
GDPR has been in effect since May 25th 2018, but has anything changed as a result?

GDPR changed the face of data security earlier this year and while we’re yet to see any huge fines levied against companies who don’t adequately protect their customers or users data, expects suggest that we could see fines soon. 


Mark James, ESET IT Security Specialist, offers some simple to implement advice for protecting your data so you aren’t one of those companies.

“Data loss is not just about leaving a USB or Laptop on a train, it might also include someone reading information they should not see while in your very building.

“This could even be another member of staff. You should consider all the features available to you to help you protect any data you hold on others, and this includes your staff.

“Encryption is of course the number one thing we think about when discussing data protection, and of course it will help.

“However, internet security software, operating system and application updates, along with segregated access all have a role to play. For all your employees you should consider if they need access to the data.

“The less people that can see the data the less chance you have of being compromised.

“If you’re able to use two-factor authentication for access then do so, it will ensure that if your users’ credentials get compromised the logins are still safe. Spam and phishing attacks are still the number one means used to spread malware and gain access to internal networks.


“Security in general is all about multi-layered protection, but this applies to GDPR as well. No one method will keep you safe, but layering different approaches and procedures will help to strengthen your defences and protect not only your customers’ data, but also your reputation.”


Whether you’re looking to achieve compliance or just better protect your organisation, we are offering 20% off three of our excellent products as part of our GDPR Compliance Bundle.  

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