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FSB links up with X-Forces Enterprise in boost to start-ups


FSB has teamed up with X-Forces Enterprise (XFE) to help raise awareness of the benefits of self-employment and owning a business among the UK’s ex-forces personnel.

FSB awarded a year’s honorary FSB membership to the winners of the X-Forces Soldiering On Business of the Year Awards, which took place in April, to help their businesses to thrive.

Mike Cherry, FSB National Chairman, who has previously served as an Armed Forces Reservist, said: “Many skills learned in the forces are pertinent to running a business.
“We already support a significant number of ex-forces running businesses through FSB membership, and we’d like to support many more.”

Over the past four years 1,200 start-ups have been born out of the military community, according to XFE. With around 925,000 veterans of working age, Mr Cherry says there are opportunities for many more to start their own business.

Ren Kapur, founder and Chief Executive of XFE, said: “We are delighted to embark on a partnership with FSB.”