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FSB Insurance Service – and how it benefits members

FSB Insurance Service was founded in February 2018. Managing Director and long-time FSB member David Perry explains how it has developed.

Q. How long have you been an FSB member?
I joined in 1992 when I was running my first insurance brokerage, and worked with FSB to establish its first iteration of FSB Insurance Service in 1993. 

Q. Why did FSB launch its new FSB Insurance Service?
FSB had been considering bringing its insurance service for members in-house for some time – small businesses and the self-employed need a unique approach to insurance issues. Businesses are also facing new threats, including cyber-crime and terrorism.

As a result, FSB felt it was time to launch FSB Insurance Service. It’s a joint venture between FSB and Markel Capital Holdings, which is also the service provider for the FSB legal helpline. 

Q. What was it like, building the business from scratch?
Thrilling is probably the best word. It feels great to see things beginning to work, the team growing and customers sending us positive feedback.

Q. What are the main issues faced by members calling FSB Insurance Service?
A lot of members don’t understand what is required of them when entering into an insurance contract – many don’t know where to start!

Credit insurance is something we hear a lot about, but for most small businesses it’s too expensive. We have been able to source a more affordable alternative, available to registered service members.

We are happy to help with basic advice, but for more expert mediation we offer the services of Lorega, a partner that will act as a loss adjuster on the member’s behalf during a claim.

We’re often asked about flood insurance solutions. Our partnership with FloodFlash can provide members in high-risk areas with a form of insurance that triggers a pay-out when external water levels meet a pre-agreed depth.

Q. How have you built FSB Insurance Service to cater to members’ needs?
We have curated a selection of benefits that can be accessed for free or at a discount. Our team of insurance advisors take time with each member to ensure their insurance meets their needs. If we can’t help, we will point them in the direction of someone who can.

Q. How do members access the service? 
Register with us by calling on 020 3962 8009 or visiting our website at