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FSB Director Elections 2018

The Board of Directors has the statutory responsibility for managing and running FSB as a company. 

In September 2017 we notified our members of the vacancies on the Board for FSB Strategic Directors and Non-Operational Directors, with full details and guidance for these volunteer opportunities made available on the FSB’s website.

In 2018 FSB is seeking to elect a National Vice Chairman, an Operations Director, a Finance Director and two Non-Operational Directors. The nominations received are currently being reviewed and validated via the Validation Committee.  

Details of all validated and confirmed candidates going forward for election by the members at the AGM on Wednesday 11 April 2018 will be available on FSB’s website in March 2018 at 

If you are a fully paid-up voting member, you will receive your voting papers from the Electoral Reform Services in March 2018. 

These will contain all the information you require to exercise your democratic membership rights as part of FSB’s member-led ethos and formal constitution. All fully paid-up voting FSB members can exercise their vote in the ballot for contested vacancies.

Any candidates standing unopposed will be declared elected at the AGM on 11 April 2018. 

Voting in the Director Elections will close at 2pm on Monday 9 April 2018. 

Any queries regarding the elections, should be directed to the Head of HR & Governance at