Five reasons to use just one security provider for your business

  • 22 Jul 2022

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Recent research* revealed over 70% of SMEs use more than one security provider but is there really safety in numbers? Take a look at how a small/medium business can benefit from a more single-minded approach to security.

The research asked 250 SME owners how they procure security for their business assets, property and people. What was clear is that many respondents see security like insurance: a necessity, but not of immediate benefit. However, “Protecting assets and enabling business continuity is much more than a box-ticking exercise,” says Craig Robb, Chief Commercial Officer, Securitas UK. “That’s why we encourage you to think about ‘protective services’ as a whole.” Here are five reasons why:

1. Value for money

32% of respondents said the key factor in choosing a security provider was cost – and we get it, money matters. But it’s about value for money. By working with a single, multi-service security provider you get the benefit of a fully integrated approach which can be much more cost-effective. Having a fixed price monthly contract can also spread the cost of investment in equipment, making it easier to budget for.

2. Save time

More providers means more admin. Multiple quotes, contracts and invoices to review and process, calls and emails to respond to… all demanding time you don’t have. Using a single provider streamlines and simplifies everything.

3. Consistent, up-to-date advice

Fewer than 39% of survey respondents had reviewed their security provision in the previous 12 months and over 10% of them had never done so. “Building a relationship with a single provider encourages regular reviews of security arrangements, which helps ensure you continue to meet your legal obligations and insurers’ requirements” says Robb.



4. Better response

It’s 3am and the intruder alarm at your office is going off. Your alarm monitoring company doesn’t hold the keys so they call you. You don’t have a contract with a mobile patrol provider, so off you go to investigate – in some trepidation. There’s been a break in. Fortunately for you, the perpetrators have already made their escape. Unfortunately,, they’ve stolen valuable assets. Tomorrow, you’ll spend a lot of time reviewing CCTV footage and filing an incident report.

A better solution is to have a single, integrated chain of monitoring, response, reporting and communication from a provider such as Securitas. If an alarm is triggered, officers at our operations centre (SOC) will use remote monitoring to assess the situation and send a mobile patrol team, or if necessary, alert the emergency services. Faster response, full reporting, and no risk to you or your colleagues.

5. Futureproofing

Asked by the survey “What do you see changing in the security world over the next few years” a common response was that the need for security services will increase, and they will be more technology driven. This highlights another benefit of working with a single security provider: they know your set-up and how advances in security may benefit it. This goes beyond developments in hardware and includes things that you might never have thought of. “For example,” illustrates Robb, “data and video analytics are increasingly being used to add value to and optimize security arrangements. We can tell you what you need to know about how convergence technologies can enhance both your business security and operations.”

Where to start

Effective business security starts with a thorough risk assessment which considers all vulnerabilities that could invite crime. “Our risk assessments look at all the elements of the business that need protection and form the basis from which we recommend security controls and solutions to enable business continuity” says Robb, “As part of our service we conduct regular reviews to ensure we continually mitigate our customers risk. You’ve got enough to do just running your business, without having to be a security expert too,” he adds, “But having a relationship with a provider who does have that expertise – like us – gives you the confidence that your security can adapt to changing needs and developments over time.”

Securitas UK’s end-to-end service can help you at every step, from site and security risk assessment, supply and installation, monitoring and response services, and regular maintenance. Get in touch to find out more.

*Research commissioned by Securitas and conducted by GCL – February – May 2022

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