Five reasons to invest in a new business monitor

  • 25 Mar 2022

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Monitors tend to attract little thought after their initial purchase. They have relatively long lifespans, after all, and there’s usually something else that demands attention long before they cause any trouble (printers or PCs, for instance).

Yet a study by Dell Technologies suggests 96 per cent of workers consider monitors the most important feature of their workspace[1]. The role they play has come into sharp focus over the past year too, as homeworking has made businesses and individuals alike take another look at their arrangements in both the home and the office.

There are many good reasons why it could be time to give the trusty old monitor an upgrade, or add another one to the desktop mix:

Spruce up your workplace

Modern monitors are sleek and elegant creations, with much smaller footprints on desktops than just a few years ago, freeing up valuable space. They also offer improved cable management, meaning there’s no need for a tangled web of leads draping down the back of the desk. Dell’s Ultrasharp 27 4K USB-C Hub Monitor is a good example, hiding cables in the monitor riser for a clutter-free desk space.


It’s also possible now to improve your home-office set-up too, or even those of your employees. Not only will this be valued by staff, it will also mean they’re set up to work from home whenever needed. Something that is likely to remain common even as we start to move on from the global pandemic. For those working in restricted spaces, Dell recently introduced its first 14” monitor, perfect for homeworkers or those wanting to embrace dual-screen functionality from different locations.

Better viewing experience

The functionality of monitors – both onscreen and operationally – has also improved in recent years. It’s now possible to get resolutions of up to 33.2 million pixels in 8K, designed to meet the needs of those working in AR/VR and 3D content, or designing and publishing.

Curved screens, such as the world’s first 34” curved video conferencing monitor, can draw you in with a wider field of view, creating an immersive viewing experience for remote meetings and videoconferencing.

Be more productive

Using a dual monitor can boost productivity by 21 per cent, according to Dell research[2], eliminating fiddly chopping and changing between emails and other software, or issues with multiple documents. The three-sided ultrathin bezel design on the Dell 24” Monitor – P2423D – makes for a seamless view across multiple screens, while the Easy Arrange feature on Dell Display Manager makes setting it up easy.

With 79 per cent of employees saying that ultrawide screens also improve their productivity[3], it’s clear that upgrading a monitor can lead to genuine benefits in freeing up time for busy business owners. Dell estimates the 34" curved WQHD monitor equipped with the Easy Arrange feature on Dell Display Manager, along with a keyboard and mouse, can increase productivity by 42 per cent.

Protect your health

Better viewing experiences mean fewer monitor-related health issues. A Forrester Consulting paper found that 93 per cent of healthcare professionals believe height-adjustable screens with the right pivot, swivel and tilt functions enable better posture and comfort for employees[4]. Four in five (81 per cent) also think monitors with reduced blue-light emission for better eye comfort can improve productivity.


Many monitors, such as the Dell Ultrasharp 24 Monitor, feature an always-on, built-in low blue light screen that reduces blue light emissions.

Reduce energy use and costs

Newer monitors have much better environmental and sustainability credentials, too, conforming to standards such as EnergyStar, EPEAT and TCO. Dell’s PowerNapi function even puts monitors to sleep when not in use, helping to save energy and keep those bills down too.

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