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Five minutes with small business owner Paul Vinnicombe


Tell us about your business

Bishop’s Beds is a family-run bed and mattress manufacturer. We produce beds and mattresses for hotels, hostels, universities and contract furnishers. We also have 
a retail department and website.

When did the business start?
We started in 2005. We started in smaller premises, working all hours of the day. 

How has your business developed since then?
We have 25 staff, and every summer we take on 10 additional installation team members. We manufacture most of our mattresses in-house. 


What’s the best thing about working for yourself?
The thing I find most satisfying is the amount of people we can employ locally. Our staff make us successful.

What’s the worst?
Ensuring business – not only for my livelihood, but for my staff. We hope for continued growth, so we never need to decrease the workforce.  

What advice do you have for people keen to start a new business?
Consider the market you want to be in and plan, in detail, how you want to operate. Attend networking events to grow your circle. We’ve had so much help with funding and advice from Government-funded bodies, which has aided growth. 

How has FSB membership helped you?
The range of FSB support and advice available gives us a point of reference in most situations.

Tell us something fun…
A child in a 3ft bed has more space than the average adult sharing a bed.