Fifty great tips to building a winning website

  • 21 Jul 2016

The internet revolutionised how we shop, learn, communicate, dobusiness – live. was launched in 2000 – when Google was still small fry, when there were 361 million internet users, compared with over three billion today.

In this time, a successful website has gone from a ‘nice-to-have’ to an absolute necessity for almost all businesses. A professional, functional website can help with everything from gaining funding to increasing sales.

A slap-dash job won’t cut it these days. Customers are more web-savvy, more impatient and more demanding than ever. 

We all do it: if a site is too difficult to find on Google, if a homepage takes too long to load, if navigation isn’t immediately intuitive, if the copy seems false or unreadable, if the design isn’t professional enough to instil trust, we’re off. 

This makes creating, designing or re-designing a website a daunting prospect. And that’s why and Nominet have put together this e-book.

We believe the best way of gaining a real advantage is to speak to people who are glorying in the success of their own high-quality sites. In fact, we thought the most valuable publication would collect and distil the advice from some of the UK’s brightest business owners with great websites into 50 top tips. And that’s exactly what
we’ve done. Enjoy!

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