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FIA issues new fire safety advice for employers

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A new fire safety video is required watching for business and building owners, who are legally responsible for keeping their properties fire-safe.

Following the terrible incident at the Grenfell Tower in London, the Fire Industry Association (FIA) is providing fire safety advice and guidance to businesses and building owners.

If you own a building or are an employer, then you are known legally as the ‘responsible person’ and will be liable if there is a fire. You could also face a fine of up to half a million pounds or a prison sentence for breaching fire safety regulations following an inspection, even if there is no fire.

To help employers and building owners check that their properties are fire-safe, the FIA has a range of useful resources available, including a video making clear the necessity of using companies that are third-party certificated.

The video, ‘Responsible for Fire Safety? Fire Safety Explained’, helps explain the legislation behind fire safety, as well as the steps to take to ensure that you have taken every reasonable and practical action to prevent a fire in the premises. 

The video explains the importance of choosing reputable companies that provide fire safety services, such as those that carry out fire risk assessments, as well as those that install or maintain fire alarm systems or portable fire extinguishers.

Choosing a reputable company can be difficult when employers are unaware of how to recognise one – but the video aims to clear that up. Companies that have third-party certification have passed through an independent audit and have been awarded a certificate to show that they can demonstrate a high level of competency.

Making sure that you choose a company with the right level of skills and knowledge, that understands fire safety legislation and has the technical knowledge and experience to do the job that it was hired for, cannot be stressed enough. Be wary of companies that offer cheap prices without any form of third-party certification – they may not have the necessary training needed to make the building fire-safe. Watch the video at the link below to learn more about the steps you need to take to make your building safe:

About the FIA
The FIA is a not-for-profit trade association promoting professional standards in the UK fire safety industry.

It was formed in April 2007 from a merger between two long-standing and well-respected trade associations, FETA (Fire Extinguishing Trades Association) and BFPSA (British Fire Protection Systems Association). The FIA is ‘owned’ by its members, which means that it is answerable to and representative of its members.