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Exeter City striker launches new business to help other sports stars


The issue of depression in retired sportspeople is well documented, and with high levels of bankruptcy also affecting former Premier League footballers, among others, there’s a need to help ex-sports professionals find meaningful careers once their time on the playing field comes to an end.

Thankfully, professional footballer Robbie Simpson is here to help. The Exeter City striker has launched a careers platform aimed at helping sports professionals and elite athletes find new careers after sport.

“There isn’t enough support for sportspeople when their professional careers end,” says Robbie. “The governing bodies offer what help they can, but there are thousands of sportspeople in the UK who still have years and years of work ahead of them.

“Sportspeople have loads of great qualities that employers outside sport really want to attract.”

Life After Professional Sport (LAPS) launched in December as the only business of its kind in the UK. It was co-founded by Robbie with recruitment consultant Rob Steed, ex-England U19 cricket captain Paul Redfarn and technology expert Nathan Hastings.

They hope that LAPS will help sportspeople of all ages to find renewed purpose and fulfilment after their sports careers end.

The web platform is an exclusive, members-only community and free to elite athletes. Once accepted, members have access to advice and resources tailored for sportspeople. 

“It’s a worrying time when you’re approaching retirement, or if you get injured,” says Robbie. “We want to help people to have more security and take some of that stress away.”