Essentials for small businesses

  • 21 May 2018

For any business, using resources wisely is key to lowering costs and increasing profits. For small businesses or SMEs, however, it’s essential to use the tools available to ensure your business functions are streamlined.

As many businesses have limited resources and relatively tight budgets, making use of human resources, emerging technologies and support services can help to ensure the business remains operational and profitable.
To make things easier, SmartPA have rounded up some of the most useful tools for businesses…

Cloud computing

Whether you work from home or rent a separate office, cloud computing software is a must-have tool for small businesses. Enabling you to work from any location, you can operate from anywhere and remain connected to your business at all times.



Bookkeeping support

Managing your accounts properly is imperative for business success. Ensuring compliance with tax legislation and enabling you to identify unnecessary losses, bookkeeping support can easily be outsourced to keep your costs low.

Screen-sharing software

Small businesses can profit from using virtual support services and remote workers. To facilitate these working relationships, it’s important to have the right software in place. A screen sharing programme will ensure that you can liaise with remote workers easily and demonstrate tasks when you need to.

Web design

  Obtaining expert help with your web design will enhance the user experience and help to convert visitors into sales. 


Remote PA services

Working with a remote assistant provides you with ad-hoc business support whenever you need it and helps to reduce the company’s outgoings. With qualified PAs able to provide a wide-range of services, you can access help with almost any aspect of your business.


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