DWEN: supporting and connecting women entrepreneurs

  • 29 Jul 2022

Running a small business you can come up against a lot of different challenges, and one of the hardest things can be the feeling of loneliness. Women entrepreneurs often have no one to talk to or bounce ideas off in the early days, and that can make it an isolating experience.

It can also make it harder to make the right decisions; the ones that will give your business the best chance of succeeding.

Those are just some of the reasons why Dell Technologies decided, back in 2009, to launch the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN).

For over 12 years, DWEN has brought together women entrepreneurs from all over the world to help grow their businesses through collaboration, focus on international expansion, funding resources and access to technologies that support business growth.



Joining DWEN means you will:

  • Connect: Access a growing global community of women entrepreneurs, investors and advisors
  • Inspire: Join peers, mentors and icons for inspiring conversations about challenges and successes in business
  • Transform: Access tailored content and technology resources to accelerate your business and help it reach its maximum potential

The DWEN community welcomes all levels of entrepreneurs, from start-ups to scale-ups. In the UK, this includes access to local support and regular virtual meet-ups, with face-to-face events coming soon. To find out more visit DWEN.com

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