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Don’t single out self-employed again, FSB urges Government

Responding to the launch of the Government’s consultation on off-payroll working rules (IR35), Federation of Small Businesses National Chairman Mike Cherry, said: “Shifting the IR35 burden onto public sector employers has undoubtedly hurt the self-employed.

“Having responsibility for complying with off-payroll rules means paperwork. By weighing employers down with this admin, you’re threatening to reduce the flexibility with which they can utilise the genuinely self-employed. That flexibility is a key selling point for contractors.  

“The fear of making an honest mistake could stop employers taking on the genuinely self-employed, even when it’s clearly the right thing to do. Any rule changes made off the back of this consultation need to be straightforward, transparent and come with minimal disruption to small employers who don’t have big HR departments or legal teams.  

“The self-employed community is now 4.75 million-strong. The Government needs to think very carefully about any changes that could stifle the vital contribution it’s making to our economy.   

“We look forward to feeding-in to this consultation over the weeks ahead. This Government must not try and unfairly single out the self-employed once again.”