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Do not miss the chance to get your business into the FSB Awards 2019

Entries are still open in some UK areas for FSB’s Celebrating Small Business Awards 2019 which are designed to help highlight the journey and accomplishments of the UK’s small businesses and the self-employed.

There are now a staggering 5.6 million small businesses in the UK, and, in 2018, the FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards saw over 2,000 entries from across the length and breadth of the UK, including from some of the most innovative and successful small businesses.

There are 11 award categories, which are free to enter for both FSB members and non-members. You are welcome to submit entries to as many categories as you like, just make sure that you have something relevant and unique to say for each category.

What are the categories?

International Business of the Year – whether you’re a novice or an established importer or exporter, this category is open to you. The judges want to know how successful you have been in working internationally, and that your export performance is sustainable long term, demonstrated in terms of profitability, growth and strategy. 

Ethical / Green Business of the Year – More and more companies are choosing to go in an ethical, socially responsible direction, and we feel this needs to be celebrated. The award judges want to know all the ways in which your business is socially responsible, helping the environment or using ethical practices, and why your achievement is impressive compared to your competitors.

Business & Product Innovation Award – This award is all about recognising bold new ideas and innovative products. The FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards wants to know how you have used innovation to move your business, product category, or even industry, forward. In particular, you will need to demonstrate to the judges how your business performance has improved as a direct result of the innovation, and that it is sustainable long term.

Micro Business of the Year – This award will recognise the best businesses that employ fewer than 10 employees, including sole-trader and the self-employed. Tell the judges all about your current business successes, and how it stacks up against your competitors. And of course, it must be a sustainable model in the long term.

Start-Up Business of the Year – If you’ve had a bright idea and turned it into a viable business over the last two years, then this is the award for you. Tell the award judges about your current start-up business and why this is a great achievement compared to other start-ups. The award judges will need to see evidence of how your start-up has performed and that it will be able to sustain its growth. 

Scale-up Business of the Year – How has your business grown? This award celebrates entrepreneurial spirit, market leading growth and outstanding leadership. To demonstrate this, you will need to show how you have been able to scale up your business performance to its current success, and demonstrate that the growth will continue at a sustainable level. 

Family Business of the Year – This award is focused on championing and awarding the UK’s top family-run small businesses. In your award entry, explain how your business works, and how it compares to other family businesses. You will need to demonstrate successful, sustainable business performance.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year – This award is open to entrepreneurs who will be aged 30 or under on 23 May 2019. The FSB Awards want to celebrate talented young individuals who have demonstrated the drive, ambition and vision to take their business to the next level. To do this, share the story about your current success, why this is impressive when compared to your competitors, and how you plan to take it to the next level.

Employer of the Year – Businesses are successful not just if they are profitable – good employers who invest in their employees reap multiple long term business benefits, and the FSB Celebrating Small Business Awards want to highlight that. You’ll need to demonstrate how you invest in, develop and retain employees, and how this has contributed to the overall success of your company. You will need to also demonstrate that the successful business performance is sustainable long term. 

Community Business of the Year (Area only) – This is an award for small businesses and the self-employed that  take part in initiatives to support their local communities, such as encouraging employees to donate their time to worthy causes, or offering apprenticeships to develop new talent? For this award, it is important to demonstrate the success of these initiatives, as well as how that works into the overall performance of your business.

Digital Innovation Award – Digital is an important part of small business today, and this is why there is an award that specifically recognises businesses that have used digital innovation to achieve growth, exceptional customer experience and increased financial performance. 

How has your online performance helped your current business to become successful? Evidence needs to demonstrate a range of achievements, including: innovation and delivery; integration with digital lead generation; security, data and ethical trading policies; staff engagement; customer service; leadership and management.

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