Discounted Managing Difficult Conversations to Achieve Successful Outcome Course

  • 06 Nov 2020

As an Employer or Line Manager, are you struggling to address performance, behaviour or attendance issues with your teams? It can be tempting to ignore those conversations but nothing will change unless you address the issues and support improvements. The online training package, Managing Difficult Conversations to Achieve Successful Outcomes can help.

Conversations with staff will be all the more difficult during the Covid crisis. People may have well have gotten used to working from home; they'll feel safe there, so bringing them back into the workplace can be a very difficult conversation as their anxiety levels increase in proportion to their perceived infection risk.

While this course is focused towards managing difficult conversations relating to performance, behaviour and attendance primarily, there are videos and presentations on topics to include assertive and effective communication, and managing escalating behaviours which will be useful for any difficult conversation an Employer or Line Manager needs to have.

The training includes over three hours of videos and four presentations to help people to develop a more confident and proactive leadership style.

KW Inner Strength Online Learning are offering this course at a discounted price of £39.95 until Tuesday 8th December and £59.95 afterwards until the end of 2021. 

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