Creative industries: Get financial support, fight for your intellectual property and learn best practice from leaders in the creative industries

  • 15 Jul 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has damaged the entire UK economy, but it has been particularly severe for creative industries from the arts, architecture, to media, design, publishing and craft companies.

Creative industries are faced with a unique set of circumstances as they try to navigate through the crisis, requiring unique solutions in order to survive.

In this webinar, hosted by FSB, we will be looking at the skills and knowledge that can help you, including

  • Available funding routes as well as how to support yourself financially using different best practice advice.
  • Best practice advice and how to access the new arts sector fund announced by the Chancellor.
  • What technology solutions could you be using?
  • How to take into account intellectual and overall creative rights with your work.
  • How to get back to business and restore your finances.


Presenter, Alan Soady, FSB Head of Media

Lyndsey Jackson, Deputy Chief Executive Edinburgh Fringe

Robert Lucas, FSB Creative Industries Policy Lead

Susanna Boccaccio, Creative Director Brilliant Trees Media

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