Create a welcoming, festive Home this Christmas with Zoflora  

  • 20 Nov 2020

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Zoflora, the UK’s number 1 disinfectant, have just launched a brand new, limited edition winter fragrance. The new Frosted Peppermint Concentrated Multipurpose Disinfectant is the perfect partner to help with the Christmas preparations in your home.

Frosted Peppermint is a festive twist of candy cane inspired notes blended with eucalyptus, hints of dark chocolate, snowdrops and vanilla to create the perfect finishing touch to your own winter wonderland. 

Alongside this new decadent fragrance, Zoflora have also relaunched their extensive range of Limited-Edition winter fragrances including Sparkling Spruce, Winter Morning, Cranberry & Orange, Festive Fireside, Winter Spice, and Warm Cinnamon.


To ensure your home stays beautifully fragrant and hygienically clean this winter., try Zoflora’s top tips:

Fill rooms with fragrance, from the bottom up!

Dirty shoes and mucky pets can bring in  germs from outside, so it's vital that hard floors are not only clean, but also disinfected. To freshen up your floors, add 4 capfuls of Frosted Peppermint Zoflora to 1.6 litres of water to your bucket and use to mop over hard surfaces. Do not use on polished or painted wood.

Bring a little winter to your washing machine

Did you know that bacteria can sometimes build up inside the drum of your washing machine? To keep your washing hygienically clean and beautifully fragrant, simply soak a cloth in a capful of Zoflora diluted with 400ml of water, and wipe down the exterior.  For odours coming from inside, add 2 capfuls of Winter Morning Zoflora to the empty drum and run a hot cycle to eliminate nasty smells.

Create a warm welcome with Festive Fireside

The entrance to your home is often a high traffic area, getting walked all over by dirty shoes and mucky paws. They can sometimes also walk in potentially harmful germs too! For an easy doormat disinfect, dilute 2 capfuls of Festive Fireside Zoflora into 800ml of water in a trigger spray bottle, then spray liberally over the mat and allow to dry. This will kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, whilst eliminating odours and leaving a beautifully fragrant welcome for the whole family. 


Swap out your sink smells for something sweeter

Sinks, drains and plug holes can not only harbour potentially harmful viruses and bacteria, but can also be responsible for bad odours. Using Zoflora regularly can eliminate germs and keep things smelling fresh. Give your sink a burst of fruity festive fragrance by pouring 1 capful of Cranberry & Orange Zoflora down plug holes, drains and sink overflows to kill unwanted germs and eliminate nasty smells.

Zoflora is a Concentrated Multipurpose Disinfectant that fills your home with a beautiful, all day fragrance, whilst also eliminating odours and killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including the COVID-19 virus (SARS-CoV-2) when used at a 1:40 dilution with a 5-minute surface contact time. It can be used all around the home including floors, worktops, door handles, toilets, sinks, taps and more.

Zoflora’s limited edition Christmas fragrances are available to purchase at and at selected retailers. 


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