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Call fo FSB election nominations 2020

FSB is a proudly member led and democratic organisation, and this is the second year that elections for volunteer office holders with FSB will take place online.

Both local and national opportunities offer FSB members the chance to lead on activity with an organisation that, this year, celebrates 45 years of supporting small businesses and the self-employed. At a national level, FSB is asking members to seek nomination to join its Board of Directors. Local opportunities include Regional Chairs, Area Leaders and National Councillors; as a grassroots organisation FSB’s regional presence is central to helping small businesses achieve their ambitions.

Michael Lassman, FSB member and Regional Chair for London shares his experience:
‘’I attended my first FSB event in 2008. During the evening I was told that ‘You’re just the type of person FSB is looking for,’ I got involved, and now, since January 2018, I’m Chair of the London FSB Region.

“My volunteer activity with FSB has been varied and exciting; meeting politicians across local and national governments, hosting events, and even finding myself on stage in front of hundreds of people. It’s sometimes challenging, always dynamic and very rewarding. 

“Not only has my FSB volunteer activity enabled me to fulfil my ambition as a community builder, but it’s given me opportunities I would never have otherwise had. It’s developed me personally and been good for my business too – being well connected has certainly been a help.”

What is Michael’s advice to other FSB members? “If you think you might have something to offer, I urge you to think about putting your name forward for an elected member leader opportunity at FSB. If you’re like me, you’ll never look back.’’ He says.

All eligible FSB members will receive an email or letter from the Electoral Reform Services (ERS), FSB’s election partner, to nominate.