Building Britain Back Better

  • 14 Oct 2020


Whilst the last six months have posed unprecedented challenges for small business owners, they have also allowed us a chance to reflect and re-assess.

And as we adjust to what is becoming the new normal, businesses are presented with the decision of whether to continue as before or to seize the opportunity to change.


Businesses have been given a chance to reconsider how they operate and re-evaluate their relationships with their staff, customers, communities, and environment.

Covid-19 has dramatically changed our way of life. As it continues to disrupt, what we need to remember, from the glimpses of rainbows still in the windows, is that through all the pain and confusion that the pandemic brings, it too emphasises who we are as humans, as compassionate and kind communities.

The uncertainty of covid-19 has stripped life back to its essentials and continues to remind us daily of what is truly important. In many ways the pandemic has reconnected us with the environment, either through starting a vegetable patch, spending more time outdoors or appreciating the value of food and where it comes from.

For many, it has inspired a more sustainable way of living. So if you haven’t already begun, now is the time to consider how you can put ‘green’ into the heart of your business recovery – not just for your benefit, but the benefit of your people, your community and the environment. 

And building back better needn’t take up any more time or resources.  There are numerous sources of support to help you on your way and when it comes to sustainability, Zellar can help your business get started on your sustainability journey.


Zellar unlocks the data behind your business that can help you to become more sustainable. It helps you understand your business’s environmental impact and contribution to climate change so that you can act quickly and deliver the sustainability credentials that are becoming much more important to your customers and community.

It’s not only good for the environment, it’s good for business.  The less energy you use, the smaller your energy bills will be.  And with future governmental support likely to be linked to our environmental impact, it will become increasingly important to show that you have already taken the steps to become a more sustainable business.

Put the environment at the heart of your business recovery. Sign up to Zellar today and get started on your sustainability journey.

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