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Build a multi-channel marketing strategy for your small business


In today’s digital world, your existing and potential customers are constantly switched on, and the secret to success in reaching these consumers is through multi-channel campaigns that convey your company’s messages across both online and offline media.

Of course, there are particular channels an individual might use and prefer, so the more knowledge you can gather about your clients and prospects the better. A website link sent via email might work for one person while a printed brochure is preferred by someone else, but it is when they truly complement each other that you see the real magic, and more importantly – the return on investment.

We’ve put together five practical tips to make the most of multi-channel marketing:

Be consistent

Consumers must recognise your campaign across different channels. Be consistent in your messaging, imagery and tone of voice, whether that is through social media, an email newsletter or direct mail. 

Know who you are selling to

Take time to find out which channels and what approach within each channel works best for your target audience. Part of this can be looking at how people react and respond differently at various stages of their lives, for example, 75 per cent of sharers (adults living in shared accommodation with other adults who many not be their partners) are more likely to buy something as a result of a door-drop, according to the Royal Mail MarketReach Life Stages of Mail report.

Ensure the channels work together

One channel will support another if your strategy is right. For example, an out-of-home advert might make someone aware of your product, a door-drop might prompt them to visit a social media channel which then encourages them to complete a sale.


Play to each channel’s strengths

You need to understand the potency of each channel to make the most of any campaign. Recipients of direct mail can read your physical advertising time and time again and file your details for when they might need your product or service in the future, often even taking a mailing into a store. 

Meanwhile email can provide maximum reach for minimal investment, generate immediate results and visits to your website. Social media allows for immediate feedback on your campaign and encourages consumers to share your messaging and offers with others.

Measure it

Marketing can be difficult to measure but you need to know if your campaign is working and if you are getting value for money from your budget. Is your marketing relevant and timely? 

Test your campaign first with a small segment of current clients and prospects. Set clear objectives. These could be website visits, hard sales, in-store voucher redemptions, or increased brand awareness. When measuring your campaign remember you are collecting valuable data which will help to improve the effectiveness of future marketing drives.

Jonathan Harman is managing director of MarketReach