Want a thriving business? Here’s what you need to know about BT shutdown

  • 19 Aug 2021

As BT Openreach begins their program to phase out landlines by 2025 find out how to future-proof your business now.

The world of business continues to go digital and so is the humble landline.  Known as the shutdown of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). BT Openreach plans to phase out landlines by 2025 for an all digital IP network. Here’s what you need to know to future-proof your business and why savvy business owners are switching now.


Why there is a need for transformation

The PSTN and ISDN networks have been around for decades and are ‘modern versions’ of 19th Century technology which, let's face it, is not fit for business use in the digital age.

Traditional landlines offer no additional features apart from voice calling, have high costs, poor call quality and are prone to faults with downtime and expensive engineers.

With communication being the backbone of a business, the need for transformation from traditional to modern phones is necessary to eliminate the issues of a legacy network. A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone works by converting analogue voice into digital data packages that are transferred through a steady internet connection. In layman's terms, calls are now digital HD quality and routed through the internet rather than fixed copper lines.

What this means for your business

BT’s announcement is good news for small business owners. It is an exciting time to be a business in the UK as there is a shift from legacy technology to powerful digital set-ups like high-speed fibre-optic broadband connection and digital phone system (ie. VoIP) previously only available to enterprises.

Switching to a VoIP phone system may look like a hassle but in reality, it is a simple way to future-proof your business.

This move to digital will make your business communication much faster and stronger. Features like the flexibility to connect from anywhere from any device, call recording, call forwarding, voicemails to email, call conferencing, HD video calling and much more will help increase customer and employee satisfaction. Moreover, no hardware or maintenance charges are an added perk in the list of pros in VoIP phone systems.


Protecting your phone number

Your business phone number is a priceless asset. There is little going back once you start a business and post your number on your website, provide it to customers and engage in marketing. Changing numbers can make you look unprofessional and can result in the loss of a lot of customers.

Don't worry, you can protect your number when you switch to VoIP from a traditional phone. Ofcom ensures a simple transfer process that is managed by your provider.

Choosing the right provider and switching now

At bOnline, we’re creating the small business digital phone provider of tomorrow — 100% digital HD quality with smarter features, award-winning support and fair prices.

The pandemic has forced everyone to step up their game and mark their presence in a digital way, and we believe small businesses can level up with big businesses using a digital-first strategy, so we’re doubling down to challenge the legacy ‘dinosaur’ providers and businesses are flocking to us.

Digital technology is now far more powerful and affordable and no longer the privilege of big business. A VoIP digital phone system, full-fibre connectivity or a sophisticated website are now within the reach of a small business and that’s very exciting.

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