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Brexit and Northern Ireland: How it impacts small business

As the Brexit process continues, Northern Ireland businesses are having to ensure they are up to date with any changes, challenges and opportunities that leaving the European Union will create.

In this free webinar, Conor Houston presents the issues that businesses in Northern Ireland will have to consider.

Conor is a Director at Houston Solutions Ltd and has provided trusted strategic advice to senior leaders across business, government, the third sector and entertainment industry. He has experience in bringing large-scale impactful strategies to life. 

Conor also acts as Head of Engagement for Digital DNA - the largest tech & digital conference in Northern Ireland.

He was the inaugural Chair of The Ireland Fund Young Leaders Belfast. 

Previously, as a solicitor advocate he represented clients to the Supreme Court of both the UK and Ireland and was involved in many high profile and pioneering cases. He also represented the legal profession on the Executive Board of the European Young Bar Association and was elected to serve on the Council of the Law Society of Northern Ireland.

To listen to the free webinar, click here