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Bike parts trader takes on diversity


Helen Walbey, Managing Director of Recycle Scooters in Aberdare, South Wales, has been appointed to head FSB’s committee responsible for diversity policy.

Ms Walbey has run her business since 2004, when she started trading bike parts online to make ends meet after her husband was seriously injured in an accident at work. Today, her firm trades parts internationally, and has several big contracts for motorcycle dismantling.

Her passion for diversity issues is borne from her own experiences of being a female business owner in a sector that is dominated by men. She believes no one should be prevented from succeeding in businesses as a result of their gender, race, sexuality or disability.

“I am the only woman in Wales who runs a motorcycle scrapyard, and I have overcome many barriers during the time I’ve been running my business,” she said.

“I feel we need to encourage people from all backgrounds into business, so that everyone can reach their full potential and the diversity of businesses in the UK can truly represent the diversity of the UK population.”

Ms Walbey is relishing her new role working with other small business owners within FSB to further the diversity agenda.

“I am looking forward to getting down to work,” she added. “I hope to better represent the diversity that exists within FSB, and increase the diversity of our membership further. I would also like to ensure diversity is at the heart of small business and small business policy across the UK.”

In addition to running her business, Ms Walbey is a part-time lecturer at the University of South Wales Business School, and a Big Ideas role model as part of a Welsh Government scheme to encourage entrepreneurship among young people.