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Beware of bogus service providers

FSB is the UK’s leading organisation for small business owners and offers a wide range of vital business services to members.

Services range from banking, telecoms, pensions to health care and insurance. We always ensure that any company working with FSB as a service provider does so to the highest standards for the benefit of our members.

From time to time, you may be contacted by some of our service providers to discuss the benefits and advantages that their service could bring to you and your business. In this instance, it is vital that you can be sure you are speaking to a genuine, FSB-appointed, service provider.

When you receive an unsolicited communication from someone claiming to represent FSB, or one of our Service Providers, and you are not sure if they are genuine, you should:

• Ask them to specifically confirm that they have an agreement with the FSB;

• Obtain a contact name and telephone number from them; and

• Contact the FSB Customer Services Department on 0808 20 20 888 for further assistance

You can also contact our service providers directly. You will find contact details for all FSB service providers at the benefits page on FSB’s website. The address is

By following these simple actions, you can remain confident that you are speaking to genuinely appointed FSB service providers.