Audio Services from Weald Media & Productions

  • 22 Jun 2020

Weald Media & Productions are specialists in radio advertising strategy planning for commercial radio which also includes commercial production, from script writing to studio production.  We also provide a high -quality Podcast Production service that again will be tailored to meet client objectives and budgets. Other services include advice on networking strategy and sales support. 

We have many years of experience in the audio industry and understand how to ensure client requirements are met and costs are controlled. During this crisis we recognise that audio platforms have out-performed as a mass medium v's other media options across all age groups with 91% of adults listening to some form of audio each week. We therefore want to help SME's & self-employed to take advantage of this key media opportunity and offer a bespoke planning service for small business campaigns on commercial radio including commercial production. We understand how important it is in this current climate for business to connect effectively and emotionally with potential customers. The effect of storytelling about your business is a key component. We therefore also offer a high-quality Podcast Production service for SME's and self-employed to further deliver the strategy of engaging and connecting with customers with a voice! All audio options will be set to work in synergy with a client's online and digital communication strategies and budget throughout.

For more details, contact: 

Paul Harvey - 07736 898240
Glen Thompsett - 07889 298484 

or email

[email protected]

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