Advice for connecting with your customers and engaging with your employees online

  • 29 Apr 2020

We’re living in an unprecedented time. Wherever possible employees are working from their homes, with some juggling home schooling or caring for their loved ones, all while maintaining their own wellbeing. From a business perspective, we want to ensure we’re able to sustain a strong connection with our customers; offering them advice, support and resources where we can.

It’s during these times that we reflect on the things that are keeping us connected: our technology. With this technology we’re able to meet and collaborate virtually, making sure we don’t lose professional and personal interactions with those around us.

There are many challenges that have recently arisen that we previously may not have considered. What technology do you need to have to be able to effectively run a business from home? How can you stay connected with customers during this time? How can you ensure your employees are engaged, working safely, and knowledgeable about the support you can offer them?

Cisco and BT have been partners for more than 30 years. During this time, we’ve worked together to deliver innovative, secure solutions for our joint customers. We have a history of persistence and dedication – surviving the good days and bad days together. We have whole teams of experts on-hand offering advice and support for customers of all sizes.

During this webinar Cisco and BT will offer our top tips and tricks for remote working, including how to manage a remote team and keep them engaged, how to connect with customers during a crisis, and what technology you need to effectively run a business from home. You will hear from our experts Dominic Elliot from Cisco and a guest to be announced from BT, and we encourage this to be an interactive session with dedicated time for Q&A.


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