A royal engagement for ornament firm and FSB business

  • 30 Apr 2018

The engagement of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle sparked excitement for some, but for one Kent business the official announcement of their intention to marry inadvertently helped boost interest in its wares.

Chilstone is based in Royal Tunbridge Wells and employs more than 20 people to make handcrafted architectural stone and garden ornaments.

When the prince and his bride-to-be posed for photographs to accompany the announcement of their engagement in November, they did so surrounded by handcrafted planters the firm had created.


The couple posed for the world’s press in Kensington Palace Gardens, standing between four Chilstone-supplied Kensington planters. Chilstone had been commissioned by Kensington Palace to produce 22 small planters to replicate larger planters already in the gardens.

Chilstone handcrafted and supplied the cast stone objects as part of a recent garden design and palace refurbishment.

“The royal engagement photo was a surprise,” says Steve Clark, General Manager at Chilstone. “The happy couple posed for the world’s press between four of our planters, 
making them famous overnight.


“Our marketing department responded quickly, expanding the coverage across a range of titles in print and online, which resulted in significant increases in sales and enquiries.”

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